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Drs. Ing. J.M.M Bruijnen, MSc - John Bruijnen is a Hydrogen Safety and Explosion Safety Assurance Engineer within the Dutch Armed Forces.
He has more than 30 years experience as an Operations HSE Engineer in the international energy industry with a track record on delivering HSE projects. John's expertise stems from extensive experience acquired within an International Oil and Gas Multinational where he established new methods pertaining to critical issues in safety-cases and Bow-Tie analysis to verify and improve safety standards.
John is the owner of International Natural Energy Resource Consultancy (INERC BV) based in Amsterdam. In his current role John supports HSE implementation plans towards innovation projects within the Dutch Ministry of Defense. His current expertise has recently been broadened towards explosion safety and hydrogen safety.
INERC BV is a member of the European Network of Excellence HySafe and a trusted partner for the International Center for Hydrogen Safety.


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