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Making courses

The first step of making the course is to create your own profile. In the menu My account, you can register for new account. After registration you will receive an email with registration confirmation. Every time you want to take or continue a course you need to login with your login credentials.
There are no firm prerequisites when taking any individual courses on, although some are certainly more advanced than others. Suggested Information about the knowledge necessary to follow a course can be found on the course registration webpage.
After you enroll in a course from the your current course is visible in your profile page. You will see the start date, passing grade and progress next to the course name. To begin click to the Course. Your course opens to the Course page. You may then click Start Course or scroll down to select a section from the course to begin viewing the course lessons.
The types and number of assignments vary by course. Most courses have quizzes after each section and exam to pass. Some of the courses have additional but assignments throughout the course. If you finish the course in the verified track with the minimum passing score, you will earn a certificate. The minimum passing score also varies by course. You can see the minimum score for a particular course on the progress page.
If the name in your certificate not correct you need to make changes in your profile account. There you can choose what name and/or last names you want to be on your certificate. courses can be started any moment. When the payment is processed you can access the on-line platform and start the module. You are expected to complete the course in 3 months. During this period, you have unlimited access to the module and can start/ continue the courses anytime. It is not possible to shift the final end date or the due date for the course. Part of the course will be an assessment module. The number of attempts to successfully pass this assessment is limited to 3 times per individual user.
On a selected course page, you can view how many weeks remain for the course.

Purchases & Refunds

You can pay for the course with a credit/debit card or PayPal. We currently accept credit and debit card payments from the following payment methods: · iDeal · American Express · Discover · Mastercard · Visa · ApplePay · GooglePay Since is the Netherlands based, all fees are in Euros. If you are having difficulty completing the payment please see Why is my payment failing? accepts all credit or debit cards that have a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo, PayPal and other wallet payments. Most payments failures are because they were not approved by your bank. If you see a payment failed message please contact your credit card provider for more information. If you see the payment pending on your credit or debit card account, then it may have been rejected by the payment processor due to the anti-fraud billing address or card verification checks. This indicates that either the billing address that you entered on the form did not match the billing address you have set with your card company or that the short 3 or 4 digit card verification number (CVV or CVN) that you entered on the form from the back of your card does not match what the credit card company has for your active card. In these cases, the payments are just in a pending state and have not been received by Since the processor has not completed the transaction the funds will automatically return to your account within a few days. You are welcome to verify your information try to pay again.
Refunds are not possible after you have purchased a course.

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