“Online courses provide an efficient way to study. Students require different attitude and skills undertaking online course material. As an online learner, motivation and discipline are important to succeed. This means that you are completely responsible for establishing and maintaining a regular study system. The E-learning team and I will provide you with the necessary support during the course.

We wish you all the best results in this new era where Hydrogen will take a prominent role within the energy transition”


Drs. Ing. J.M.M.Bruijnen, MSc, Founder

HYDROGENSAFETY.EU is an e-learning platform established by INERC BV, providing specific training courses in Hydrogen Safety in an appropriate format and at affordable cost.

Targeted audience are all persons working with Hydrogen starting from the planning phase up to execution phase of a project.

HYDROGENSAFETY.EU is being used by e-learners from different countries, universities, companies and organizations where individuals can learn on their own terms.

HYDROGENSAFETY.EU creates different courses on based on HySafe Activity Matrix related to: Hydrogen production, transportation, storage, confined spaces and utilization including portable and stationary application and the risks associated with that on all levels. Courses are set up on 3 levels: awareness, knowledge and skills.

Meet Our Team

Drs. Ing. J.M.M.Bruijnen, MSc

Hydrogen safety and explosion safety assurance engineer

Dr. G. Makashova PhD